Best Way to Earn Money

The best way to earn money is to work at what you love doing; when and where you would like to work. Is the work that you are doing now, the work that you love doing?

If you had the opportunity, how would you design your ideal business model for your best way to earn money? What criteria would be most important for you? Like most people, you would probably want a business that will help you make lots of money, lots and lots of money. You would probably like a business with low start-up costs, low overhead expenses, a quick turnaround on your investment, no inventory costs, tax deductible expenses and no selling. You may want the opportunity to be your own boss, work from home, work when you feel like it and continue to make money when you are not working.

Is there a proven small home based business opportunity that can deliver on all these points?


The best way to earn money; the best home business to start is to create your own money making website. Create your own website about what interests you.

Why is creating your own money making website the best home business to start? Because you can build your own website on your own time, at your own pace, at your kitchen table or on the beach with very low start up costs. Creating your own money making website is the best home business to start because this is your own business, you do not have to answer to a boss, you do not have to punch a clock to start work, you are not "trading your time for money".

Compare this to a traditional business model where you have to buy or rent your building or space, buy at least five different types of insurance, buy your raw materials, equipment and manufacturing supplies, or buy an inventory of products to sell, hire employees, pay benefits, pay Workman's Comp insurance, pay lawyers to decipher government regulations and on and on and on. Your cost can easily run you 10, 20, 30 thousand dollars and much more just to start, and you may never see a profit.

Your goal is to make money. You do not need all the other problems and expenses of a traditional business.


If you long to find the best way to earn money online to add another income for the family, to replace a day job or just supplement a retirement income, we recommend that you build your own money making website.

Once you create your own website, you will find it is a fun, easy way to make extra money online. If creating your own money making website is an idea that appeals to you, then you will find "Site Build It" (SBI) to be the most comprehensive ,user friendly, affordable website host online.

SBI! has a huge library of web-based learning courses for building your online business that chart a clear step-by-step, block-by-block blueprint to eliminate the guesswork to building a successful online business.

SBI! is more than just a website builder. SBI! has powerful feature-rich tools to help you attract visitors and customers to your online business.

SBI! has professional online support and a vast engaged forum community of helpful entrepreneurs at your fingertips to support your passion so you are never without answers or resources.

The goal of SBI is to empower you to make your own money making website by educating you on how to build a successful online business.

SBI's step-by-step, block-by-block training tutorials are just what are needed when beginning your first website design. If you are reading this web page on the "Best Way to Earn Money", then you can see that the step-by-step training tutorials work, even for website design beginners like us.

We realized if we could create our own money making website with no computer experience, and no writing experience; then starting a website could open up great money making ideas for kids that already grew up with computer training at school. Also, creating a business website for teens could surely have some great potential for teens looking for money making opportunities.

If we can build a website with no experience, then most anyone can build their own money making website with SBI also. Not all websites make money of course, but SBI taught us the fundamentals of making money with our own website with no prior experience.

Do you think that maybe you can learn a new skill-set. Of course you can. It is quite possible, don’t you think that with the proper tools and training, that you could learn what it takes to build a source of income that does not involve trading your time for money. Wouldn’t it be worth it?

Of course if you are not serious about building a secure financial future, you will probably not succeed. To earn serious money, you need to be serious enough about your future to learn and apply a new skillset.

It is important to keep in mind that creating your own money making website is a business. You would have to put some effort into it. But it’s worth it.

Creating a money making website is the best home business to start and your best way to earn money.


We recommend that you get good at this one. You can create multiple streams of income from one website. This skill-set can also be used to build many, many other small business websites, all from the comfort of your home.

This is an opportunity that most anyone can take advantage of to create multiple streams of income that could keep growing for many generations.

Once you have created your own money making website, it is akin to collecting royalties from a book, song or movie; only better. With your own money making website, you have the option of editing and updating your website instantly at any time.

Take a look at what a few out of the many website owners have to save about building their own successful business websites with SBI.

Meet Elan, founder of

Meet Jill Loeffler, founder of

Meet Bobby Don Johnson, aka. Mob Barley, founder of

You can set this income stream up for your children, your children’s children and their grandchildren. Would this kind of business model fit your description of your best way to earn money?

Imagine being financially independent, or, being in permanent…retirement.

Imagine, having more family time, spending more time with friends or making new friends.


We alone are responsible for the direction of our lives. Do we want to end up where we are headed? If we keep doing what we have always done, we will probably keep getting the same results that we have always gotten. If we want to change our results, then we need to change what we are doing. Is what we are doing right now, giving us and our families the lifestyle that we want for them? Is working by the hour for someone else enough to get us the results that we want?

Five years is going to pass by whether or not we diversify our income. If we start now, where could our business be in five years? Where could we be in ten years? Where might our income be in ten years if we do not start our own business now?

The best way to earn money is the best home business to start.

Are you still wondering if SBI is right for you?

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