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Providing free money making ideas is our mission here at the Center for Money Making Ideas. You are invited to be a part of the development of this new web site by contributing your own money making ideas, ideas to make extra money or best way to earn money.

You are most welcome to avail yourself to the 1001 plus free money making ideas currently available on home based job opportunities; part time jobs from home; temporary jobs for college students; summer jobs for college students; teen summer jobs; teenage part time jobs and home based online business opportunities. You can also find a list of different career change ideas; list of small business ideas; ways of making money offline and ideas to make extra money online.

Some of the early topics addressed are: How can teenagers make money; how kids can make money; small business investment ideas; how does government get money; how to create jobs; destruction of wealth; as well as the best way to earn money at home.

The Center for Money Making Ideas which is often referred to as the Center for Free Money Making Ideas is a service made possible by active online community participation, where good, simple money making ideas are welcome, encouraged and most of all appreciated.

This free Help is provided as a courtesy from online neighbors helping neighbors.

No spam, no scam, no membership required.


To maintain the integrity of this site, please promote only legitimate ideas for making money. This site’s mission is to provide real help to real people. We only want real money making solutions. Please respect your online neighbor.

As you share your best ideas for making money or best money making business ideas online, feel free to promote your own legitimate entrepreneurial success story for making money. Invite your friends to promote their own legitimate money making opportunities online also.

Become a frequent contributor to this site and together we can realize our mission of neighbors helping neighbors outreach. Poke, tweet, text, buzz or message your online neighbors to become a part of this outreach and submit their new ideas for making money or legitimate online home based business ideas. Together we can make a difference.


When you contribute to the "Center for Money Making Ideas", you are giving a gift that keeps on giving. It may seem like an insignificant contribution to you. But, if you consider the millions of people for generations to come that can conceivably benefit from your contribution to the growing list of free money making ideas, then you can see how the "Center for Money Making Ideas" venue could potentially change lives.

Conversely, as millions of people like yourself contribute free money making ideas to this concept of neighbors helping neighbors, then this outreach has unlimited potential. If someone like you logs on and benefits from the contributions from the millions, then he/she has quite a treasure trove of good free money making ideas to choose from. A formula of help and be helped. If two heads are better than one…

Help Us; Help You; Help Others.


At the "Center for Money Making Ideas" you will have free access to 1001 plus free money making ideas. You can have 1001 plus 1001 free money making ideas; but if only a few people can afford to buy what you have to offer at the price you need to charge to make a profit, then you have a money making dilemma.

All the best money making ideas in the world will not help us unless the policies governing the flow of money are conducive to the business of making money.

Best Conservative Talk Radio Online is a one-stop-resource for the best Conservative Radio Talk Show Hosts.

Best Conservative News Websites is a resource of alternative conservative news sites for Today's Politics News Headlines and Commentary.

It is in our best interest to keep up with current politics news headlines & commentary to help us be informed and engaged citizens.

Our country is sorely divided in opinions of how best to solve a sluggish economy. Sometimes misguided, well intended government policies work at cross-purpose to our ability to make money. Therefore the Center for Money Making Ideas also addresses issues that affect our economy and ultimately our ability to make money.

We are lucky so far, to still have the freedom to express our views. We will discuss the push and pull of the political power struggle because it directly effects our ability to make money.

You will have the freedom here to express your views. You will have the freedom here to agree and or disagree with the opinions expressed here at the "Center for Money Making Ideas".


Too many of us have already lost our means of making money. Most of us know a family member, friend or neighbor that is out of work through no fault of their own. The current "reported" national unemployment average is between eight, eleven and fifteen percent depending on the math of the day. This statistic does not include the people that have given up looking for a job.

At best, one out of every ten people that you meet in a day's time may be out of work. That is a very sobering statistic.

When people are out of work, there is less demand for goods and services. If there is less demand for goods and services, then there is less need for goods and services to be produced. If there is less need for goods and services to be produced, then employers have no choice but to downsize before they go out of business; that means fewer jobs. That means more unemployment and less demand for goods and services. And so the downward spiral continues.


If we work together and share simple free money making ideas; online home based business ideas and even legitimate current job openings; then we have the opportunity to empower countless numbers of people.

Our mission here, as an online community of neighbors helping neighbors, is to provide real money making solutions. We could not solve the unemployment problem by any stretch of the imagination. But the potential to help even one family to discover ways to make extra money is a gift that just keeps on giving. It could mean the difference of someone losing their home, car, or even having food on the table or not, Pay-it-forward”.

If we can find easy ways to make money at home or just find ways to make extra money, we can inoculate ourselves from a worldwide slumping economy. That is where the "Center for Money Making Ideas" venue can help.

I would like to take this opportunity to encapsulate the essence of the mission for the “Center for Money Making Ideas”. I have included here, a poem that I wrote many years ago. It’s called:


When you give a smile
It goes for miles
It moves from face to face

Till across the miles
There were many smiles
That went from race to race

After many miles
And many more smiles
You will find it face to face

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