Why Is Education Important

  • Why is education important? It is through education that we gain the knowledge and skills to work at a job or career of our choice.

  • Education is important because it is a means to giving individuals the tools for critical thinking for optimum survival.
  • Education is important because it is key to gaining the knowledge, tools and skills for the best opportunity of success in life.
  • Education is key to empowering individuals to reach their full potential to be the best that they can be.
  • Why is education important? Education is your best investment for earning money.
  • Another reason why education is important is because it is key to gaining knowledge, skills and values to become engaged, productive and successful members of society.
  • Why is education important? Without a good education foundation, "the deck is stacked against you".

  • Why is home education important? Home education is important because it is a vital form of parent-child bonding and sets an example for kids that the parents value their kids’ education.
  • Home education is important because that is where kids learn basic lifelong values, discipline and principles that help them distinguish between right and wrong behavior. 
  • Through education, we learn communication and social skills necessary for relating to family, making friends and being successful members of one’s community.
  • Why is early education important? Early education is important because it is the means of teaching the fundamental skills of reading, writing and arithmetic that are vital for more advanced levels of learning.
  • Why is education important? Education is important because it is a means of gaining self-awareness and the ability to explore new ideas and to think independently.
  • Education is important because it is a means of gaining knowledge of one’s environment and a means to discerning the truth from the false, the real from the unreal, and facts from the fiction.
  • Education is important because it is the means of gaining knowledge, skills and values that are transferred from past generations to present generations to create a better future.

  • Through education we learn from history and about the arts, culture and philosophy so we may have the knowledge to create the community in which we wish to live and leave for future generations.
  • Through education we learn about government so that we may be informed participating citizens in shaping the Government that we wish to lead us and leave for our children.
  • Education is key to preserving and protecting inalienable human rights and fundamental freedoms of individuals or groups.
  • Why is education important? Education reduces malnutrition and improves health.
  • Education of young people is one of the most important investments nations can make in their future.


Wouldn’t it be nice for you as a teenager to be able to grow up in the best neighborhood that money could afford; live in the nicest home that money could buy; have any or all cars that you would like; have any and all clothes that you would like and have all the money that you need or would like. Why do you not have that today? Is it because your parents can’t afford it? Why can’t they afford it? Perhaps it is because it really does cost money to live in a material world. A teenager's lifestyle is limited primarily by the income of the teen's parents.

Why aren't a teen's parents making the kind of money they would like, to provide their teenager's a better lifestyle? The answer is, a teen's parents make money to the best of their ability, for the opportunities that are available, for the skills they have.

If parents are to make more money, they would need to work more hours or develop skills that are in higher demand with less supply. Parents have adult responsibilities now. There is not a whole lot of discretionary time available to parents with a job and a family to learn new skills. Sure, they probably do regret that they did not study harder in school to give them more options today. Now they make do.

Are you getting the picture here? Your parents were kids too. As a teenager, it is only a very short time before you will be an adult with adult responsibilities. This is a unique time in your life that you will have to prepare yourself for the vital skills necessary for making money.


Making money is a necessity. Money is the key to our lifestyle. Having more access to money increases our options for our way of life. Our lifestyle is limited by our ability to create value, as in goods or services, to exchange for money.

If a young person wishes a better life style in the future than the average adult struggling to make ends meet, then your abilities to produce value in the future needs to be better than the average competition.


Your biggest asset is knowledge. Education is the gradient process of acquiring knowledge. Knowledge gives you the tools for rational reasoning and judgment. Knowledge helps you make better choices. Knowledge gives you options. The more knowledge you have, the more opportunities you will have in the future for making money.

The purpose of education is to develop the knowledge to observe, understand, reason and make rational judgment about the known realities of the world for optimum survival. Study is the effort to apply oneself to gain knowledge and understanding.

With knowledge comes know-how, judiciousness, discernment, observation, perception, comprehension, understanding, maturity and enlightenment. With knowledge comes wisdom.


"Education" that is not understood, is not education. If your education is a jumble of confusion, then it is not really education. Education is knowledge that you can use. Real education gives you the ability to understand; reason and make rational judgments. Data that is not understood cannot be used to reason with.

What is the purpose of the information if it does not support better understanding or the ability to reason and act with that knowledge? It is therefore, vital to have a clear understanding of each subject taught to be able to reason with that information.

The capacity to use your KNOWLEDGE is LIMITED by the CONFUSION of your understanding. Therefore, the ability to use your knowledge depends on the clarity of understanding your education.

Information that is not understood is not knowledge.


Why is education important? If you graduate from school with understanding only bits and pieces of your education, then what good was your "education"? You have wasted this precious time and the time of the educators that tried to teach you. Now you are going to have to deal with life with limited choices.

The absence of knowledge is ignorance. With ignorance comes misunderstanding, misinterpretations, incomprehension, imperceptions, naivety, confusion, incompetence, carelessness, thoughtlessness, senselessness, selfishness, foolishness and immaturity.

Study is a game changer. Education is a life changing investment.


Why is education important? When you do not pay attention in class, and you do not ensure that you understand what is being taught, you put at risk that field of opportunity for making money. When you treat all your subjects in this manner, you are jeopardizing all these fields of knowledge as a choice of opportunities that you could have had if you had put in more effort.

When you graduate from school, what fields of knowledge do you have to choose from for making money? At this point you may be left with very few options. Is this the time to start learning money making skills? Trying to make money, with very limited skills is a tough way to start your life.

When is the right time to start learning the skills necessary for making money? Tomorrow is too late. Today would be a good time to start. Your competition started “yesterday”.


Knowledge is accumulative. The accumulation of knowledge is built from the simplest blocks of understanding to the more complex concepts. Understanding the simple concepts is paramount to understanding the more complex concepts.

Those with degrees have less unemployment. To get a degree you need to meet the qualifications to go onto higher levels of learning. To meet the qualifications of higher levels of learning, you need to be proficient at the secondary levels of education. To be proficient at the secondary levels of education, you need to understand the elementary education levels.


Approach study with purpose. The minimal purpose of study should be to gain the knowledge and understanding for optimum survival in a competitive world.

Why is education important? Our level of survival is intrinsically linked to our ability to make money. Our ability to make money is governed by the relationship of the supply versus the demand for the goods or services that we can provide.

If we allow our education to be average or substandard, then our ability to deliver goods or services for money in the future is average or substandard. There is a high supply in relation to demand for average or "unskilled" labor.

A high supply relative to the demand for the goods or services that a teenager will be able to produce as an adult will considerably limit one's ability to make money. A high demand and a relatively lower supply of the goods or services that one can produce will increase the teenager's future potential for making money.


Why is education important? Your level of income will be based on the demand for your ability to exchange value with society. Wouldn’t it be worthwhile to put forth a little extra effort now, while you have this chance to prepare the education foundation for learning a higher skill-set? How much could you achieve if you dedicated yourself now to be the best that you can be?

As a kid, your primary responsibility for this time in your life is to ensure that you get a good education foundation. This is a unique opportunity that you have to prepare yourself for the commitments of being a responsible adult. Later, you may be trying to make up for lost time, coupled with the obligations of being an adult. You cannot change the fact that one day you will be an adult, with adult responsibilities. The circumstances that you do have control over is, how prepared you are to handle those obligations.

Why is education important? You will be an adult, soon enough. Many of you will be parents. If you would have preferred that your parents were making more money so that you could live a better life style now, how do you think your kids are going to feel about the type of life style that you will be able to give them? You have time now to get in the game and learn to play the game to win.


Why is education important? Young people that have gotten a solid education foundation, will be the ones most prepared to learn advanced skills necessary for making good money. Young adults that dedicated themselves to getting a solid education foundation will be the ones that have the most money-making opportunities available to them. They will be the ones with the better life style and less unemployment.


It is our ambition here at the "Center for Money Making Ideas", that this article on the importance of education may give young people pause for thought to consider how a one's actions today may have an influence over the rest of their lives.

If we here at the "Center for Money Making Ideas" inspire any positive influence or any reaffirmations about a kid's future aspirations, then we have achieved our goals for creating "Why is Education Important". We look forward to receiving your feedback.

We have included this article about the importance of education because it is the knowledge that is learned during the early years that gives one more options for money making opportunities in the future.

Why is Education Important

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Why is Education

Why is Education Importa
Why is Education Important

Why is Education Important

why is education important

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Why is Education Important

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