How Do You Get Money 101

How do you get money? You get money according to the demand or market value of what goods or services you can provide.

How Do I Get Money

Our ability to get money is key to our standard of living. Knowing how to get money is fundamental to having money.

Have you noticed how some people get more money than others? Why do some people seem to get plenty of money while others are struggling to get money? Have you ever asked yourself, how do I get money like that?

We do not get money just because we decide that we want money. There is an actual cause and effect principle within our control that influences our ability to get money. The good point about that is, we do have the ability to be at cause over getting money.

We are the ones that have the control over how much money we get. We are also responsible for not getting the money that we would like.

How do you get money? PROVIDE goods or services that are needed or wanted at a price that others are willing and able to pay, and you will get money.

Money flows to the provider of the goods or services that are needed or wanted. More money flows to the producer of the goods or services that are in high demand with a limited supply.

Just having goods or services to exchange does not make money. For someone to get money, he/she needs to provide goods or services that someone else needs or wants in order to receive money in exchange.

What about the model that gets money just by being pretty, handsome, sexy, or having a great smile? Or, what about the celebrity that makes money just because of their name? What goods or services is he/she providing? Apparently society places a great value on pretty, handsome, sexy, a great smile and celebrity status.

How do you get money? Provide goods or services that other people need or want and you can get money.

Why Do We Need Money

We live in a material world. There are basic goods and services that are necessary to survive in a material world. We need money to exchange for the necessities we need to survive.

Money is the resource that allows us to pursue our goals, dreams and aspirations in a material world. Having money gives us options for our way of life.

We need money to build the lifestyle and financial security we seek for ourselves and our family.

Our standard of living is limited by the market value of the goods or services we can provide in exchange for money. How do you get money?

Get Money for Nothing

The way to get money for nothing is to get free money from the government or ask for donations. We can get free money from the government for doing nothing, but then our standard of living is limited to the "goodwill" of others.

If the money we can get for nothing does not provide us with the standard of living we would like to have, then we need to provide goods or services worth the value to others that will give us the lifestyle that we seek.

What is Money

The reason we can easily justify assigning blame to someone else or something else for our inability to get money is because, what money is and how money is made is not well enough understood. To understand what money is and how money is made, makes us more responsible for what money we get.

What is money? Money is ONLY a medium; a convenient tool, for the exchange of goods or services between individuals or parties.

To get money one needs to provide goods or services that other people need or want to receive an exchange of money in return.

We get paid according to the demand or market value of what goods or services we can provide.

If we want to get more money, we need to deliver more goods or services; or deliver goods or services worth more value in the market place.

"Money Makes
The World Go Around"

Money is not "what makes the world go around." Our needs and wants is what fuels the demand for goods and services. Our needs and wants of goods and services is "what makes the world go around".

How Do I Get More Money

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How do get money?

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