What is Wealth -  
How Do You Define Wealth

What is wealth? Wealth is perceived value. Wealth is subjective. Wealth is relative. What is considered wealth can mean vastly different things to different people.

Many people consider that family and having many close friends are the biggest measure of wealth. Many people will tell you that wealth is having good health and being of sound mind. Spiritual enlightenment is a form of wealth. Wisdom and knowledge are wealth. Intellectual capital is wealth.

Whatever has value for you is a part of your treasure of wealth.

Wealth is having our basic needs met with an abundance of resources in reserve.

Wealth provides a safety net of protection against a decline in one’s living standard in case of an unforeseen loss of income or other emergency.

Wealth is Relative

Wealth is perceived as having an abundance of assets relative to those having much less.

Wealth is perceived as having a high standard of living relative to those of a lower standard of living.

Definition of Wealth

  • Wealth is having an abundant accumulation of interests, investments, valuable possessions, savings and property.
  • Wealth is the accumulation of economic assets and valuable resources minus liabilities.
  • Wealth is a measure of the net worth of assets or possessions having a monetary or exchange value remaining after the deduction of liabilities.
  • Wealth is the economic value of a person, household, community, region or country minus debt liabilities.

What is Wealth Management

If we seek wealth, it is ultimately our responsibility to learn how to produce an exchange of value that is worth the level of wealth that we seek. We are the responsible source of our own wealth.

Our ability to create wealth is limited by our ability to create value in abundance over what we consume.

To create a bounty of wealth, we need to be able to create a bounty of asset value that is above and beyond what we consume. 

Wealth management is a matter of making a lot of right decisions.

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