Welcome to the USA

by Carlos
(San Diego, Ca )

The right to be in this magnificent country is a privilege. If Illegal Immigrants wish to be welcome in this country, as opposed to the country they chose to leave, then they need to show appreciation for the privilege of being here.

You show your appreciation for being here by being contributors of this great society.

You are not contributing to this society by "working under the table", driving down wages for legal citizens and still collecting the maximum entitlements at the expense of other members of society.

Earn your right to be welcome to the USA.

Carlos R.

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Nov 05, 2015
Going back
by: Marco Gonzales

Going back to the home country is not the best option.

Oct 20, 2015
Thank for welcome
by: Mitchelhttp://www.webdesigncourses-ua.com/http://www.webdesigncourses-ua.com/

I want to migrate to USA. What is the good way to do this?

Jul 14, 2012
by: Susan

Illegal Immigrants are "not allowed" to work in the US legally without a work visa. In the current job market, they are not likely to get a work visa or a work visa extension. Going back to the home country is not the best option.

If they are working or not working, they are still making more money than most legal citizens working at a minimum wage job.

I personally know of illegal immigrants that get WIC and other welfare entitlements that have a house and far better cars than I could afford on my wages. (I understand that they are just availing themselves to what our government is doling out.)

But, is this, what is considered "fairness"?


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