The Truth About
US Voter Fraud

Voter Fraud
disenfranchises the
legal law-abiding voters.

US Voter Fraud and the Democrat Party

Support for US Voter Fraud is policy all the way to the top in the democrat party. Why do you think it is that the political leadership on the "Left" refuses to allow for the requirement to have a US photo ID before voting? They claim it disenfranchises the poor and the elderly.

Why would the "Left" not want any requirement for a photo ID to vote? Is it because they seek to win at the ballot box by any means necessary including people voting for them that do not have US photo IDs? Is it because they feel they cannot win at the ballot box if they cannot deceive their electoral base that they are "fighting for the disenfranchised "non-white" voter"? Is it because they feel they cannot win at the ballot box if they cannot buy votes with bribes using other people's hard earned tax dollars? Is it because they feel they cannot win in a fair legal election?

Why is it that the whole democrat party leadership pander to Illegal Immigrants at the expense of, and against the will of Legal Immigrants and Legal Citizens?

Who is it that doesn't have US photo IDs? It is Illegal Immigrants. There is no US citizen that can make it to the voting booth that cannot get a legal US photo ID.

US Voter Fraud Made Easy

You have to have a photo ID to buy beer, to get welfare, to see certain movies, to drive a car (if you are a legal citizen). But it is said that we should not have photo IDs to vote on policies that dictate how we live; or to choose whom we would like to represent us.

Do you realize that there are unscrupulous political activists, right now, that make it their business to figure out new ways to circumvent the US Voting System? 

The biggest crime in the world today is identity theft. Don't you think that there are political activists, right now, registering people to vote that should not be voting?

Here is just one example of how easy it is to steal identities for US Voter fraud.

Have you ever checked the obituary notices in the newspaper?

The obituary notices give the full name of the deceased; the city and state of where they were born and when; where they went to school; where they went to church and what was their occupation. The obituary gives who they married when and where. The obituary gives the names of the children and when they were born and their current city and state of residence. The obituary gives the names of the deceased parents, the surviving spouse, any siblings, nephews, nieces and in-laws and their current city and state of residence.

The names of the deceased are not automatically taken off the voting registration once someone passes. If you do not need to have a photo ID to vote, these names are wide open to identity theft and Voter fraud.

How many obituaries are there per day in one newspaper; in the hundreds of newspapers around the country; day after day, week after week and year after year?

That is just one source of identity theft for political activists' perpetrating US Voter fraud.

Without a photo ID needed to vote; even fictitious names can be registered to vote. Without legitimate photo IDs required to vote, there is nothing stopping political activists from voting multiple times at different precincts.

Without a photo ID needed to vote; busloads of political activists from neighboring States are bused in to vote in your State's elections.

US Voter fraud cancels out your well thought out and researched vote. In close elections, Voter fraud has tipped the outcome against the will of legal voters.

(Absentee ballots are wide open for US Voter fraud.)

(It is prudent for all US voters to not be blasé about your voting privileges. There are too many political activists seeking to defraud the election outcome. The election outcome may not be in the best interest for you or for the survival of the country.)

Asking for US voter ID is not voter suppression. But the IRS targeting conservative groups (asking for the content of their prayers) is.

What is in the best interest of the "Left" (expanding the government by whatever means necessary and growing the welfare state to secure a reliable voting bloc), is not what is in the best interest of the country.

The Real Voter Suppression of 2012 - By John Fund

Is Voter Fraud a Real Problem?

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When there is US Voter fraud
it cancels out your well thought out
and researched legal vote.

GRUBER: "Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage."

A Message to the Hispanics

Setting The Record Straight On The Democratic Party

Bishop E.W. Jackson Message to Black Christians

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Former DOJ members go on the record to expose voter fraud as well as several tactics used by the liberal machine to commit voter fraud:

Many of the experts spoke about “spigot cities”, major cities that end up tipping the vote for a liberal candidate when the rest of the state would be conservative. While some would argue that major cities may attract a more progressive and liberal-minded voter, the documentary crew spoke with experts who revealed that these major cities were also places where voter fraud could be easily carried out. They also revealed that many of the “spigot cities” were places where the Obama campaign had a high organized presence.

Posted by TheBlaze

Poll Workers on Primary Day in Washington, DC offer
US Attorney General Eric H Holder's ballot to vote, to a complete Stranger.
Eric Holder has said multiple times there is no evidence of Voter Fraud.
Other voting locations in Washington, DC offer to sign for ballots.

- Published on Apr 9, 2012 by VeritasVisuals

NC Non-Citizens Voting,
Dead Offered Ballots,
UNC Officials Embrace US Voter Fraud:

Published on May 15, 2012 by VeritaVisuals

Hundreds of cases in Florida of undocumented democrats voting illegally.

Published on Apr 3, 2012 by RevolutionActivist

First-hand Stories from South Texas' Struggle to Curb US Voter Fraud

Adryana Boyne - National Director of VOCES Action

Illegal Aliens Caught Voting and Stealing Elections
In Florida In Vast Numbers

Voter Fraud 101

Posted by: encounterbooks

CL Bryant Speaking of Eric Holder and Voter ID

Eric Holder Announces Opposition to Election Integrity Laws -
Anita Moncrief Speaks Out!

Anita Moncrief at C-PAC Part 1

Anita Moncrief at C-PAC Part 1

The tip of the iceberg of Obama US voter fraud and voter intimidation in 2008. If Obama is allowed to run in 2012, with the power of the presidency behind him, with Eric Holder to pad the voter rolls with his phony crusade against voter ID, the corruption within the 2012 election will make 2008 look mild.

- Published on Jul 3, 2012 by Kris Zane

Proven US voter fraud!

Gov't programmer testifies voting machines can be rigged.

 Posted by: manifestliberty


Michael Savage:
Why Obama is confident of election outcome?
How Obama fixed 2012 election.

Published on Apr 4, 2012 by JamesLee490

Massive voter fraud thanks to Obama,
Holder, the Democrats and ACORN 

Posted By: Rubystars0000

Clintons Knew Obama Ineligible & DNC Primary Fraud -
Claims Hollywood Producer

Your Government Is Commiting Voter Fraud EVERY DAY!!! 

Posted By: ThinkOutsideTheTV

What does US Voter Fraud have to do with money making ideas?

All the money making ideas in the world will not help you unless the policies governing the flow of money are conducive to the business of making money.

Unfortunately there are politicians that do not have the countries economic interest governing their politics and policy making. Their interest is their own selfish quest for power at whatever means necessary.

In order to put responsible leadership in the White House, we need honest and fair elections. We should not tolerate a voting process wide open to fraud and abuse.

We need an educated and informed electorate to choose leadership that represents the greater good of the Country. It does not serve the country well when the “main stream” media spin, lie, misrepresent and manipulate the news to misinform the public about the candidates or voting issues.

We do not need leadership that represents special interest groups just because they pay more money for that Candidate’s or Party’s campaign.

Good leadership would put us on a path towards economic freedom; job growth; energy independence; limited government; fiscal responsibility, secure borders, fair immigration policies and a strong military?

Where are we headed now?

"Conservatives are rightly concerned that the left wins close elections by fraud.  The photo identification laws which Republican legislatures have passed are sensible reforms to make the theft of votes harder, but judges whose partisan allegiance and ideological tendencies are transparent; invent reasons not to enforce those laws." The Sure Cure for Voter US Fraud - By Bruce Walker, Sept. 2012

The truth about US Voter fraud
is that voter fraud
for the democrat party.

Obama Bagged Over $2 Million in Invalid Donations for September

The real history of LBJ and Race; Goebbels would be proud

LBJ's Great Society: 40 Years Later

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How the Media
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Judge Jeanine Pirro:
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Election Observers Expose Massive Voter Fraud During NC Hearing

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"We are not
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we are suppressing
voter fraud" 

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Our government was built upon the belief that election results represent the true will of the people.

Understandably, many Americans have lost faith in the integrity of our nation's election results because fraud and law-breaking has become all too common in our electoral system.

Regardless of the outcome, we should be able to expect no less than honest election results free of voter fraud and voter suppression.

True the Vote is a citizen-led effort to restore truth, faith, and integrity to our elections.  

True the Vote is based in Houston, Texas and headed by Catherine Engelbrecht (President)

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