Traffic Accident Investigation Procedure

by Ann
(New Mexico)

I am a Safety Supervisor. I first want to acknowledge Marvin’s Pre-trip inspection checklist thoroughness. Well Done Marvin! My comment here is just to add to Marvin’s pre-trip safety inspection.

Despite a thorough pre-trip inspection, accidents do occur while driving; sometimes through no fault of our own. Because the Commercial Driver Handbook does not cover traffic accident investigation procedures, I will add this to your truck driver’s knowledge for your truck driving money making idea.

The primary purpose of a traffic accident investigation is to identify the cause of the accident. It helps to have a standard investigation procedure to present a full traffic accident report.


• Protect the area to prevent other accidents happening in the same area. Place warning reflectors out to warn approaching drivers.

• Check for injuries. In case of injuries, send for help; notify first responders.

• Do not move an injured person unless there is immediate danger if they remain where they are.

• All accidents that you are involved in that causes injuries to persons or damage to property, must be reported to the local authorities, DMV and your Employer.

• An accident report must be completed and turned in to your supervisor on the same day of the occurrence.

• Drivers must not discuss in any manner the accident; the cause of the accident; or the contributing factors to the accident with any person other than police officers or authorized personnel.


• Get names, addresses and phone numbers of injured persons (if possible).

• Exchange driver’s license names, numbers, addresses (including State) and expiration dates. Get driver’s full names, address and phone numbers.

• Exchange vehicle registration papers. Get vehicle license plate number, VIN number, Registered Owner's address, and make, model and year of vehicle (including the State) the vehicle is registered in; of all vehicles involved. Get vehicle Registered Owner’s phone number.

• Check all vehicle license plate numbers involved to confirm plate matches vehicle registration papers.

• Get proof of insurance; name, address, phone numbers and insurance expiration date.

• List passenger’s names addresses and phone numbers (if any).

• Secure witnesses names addresses and phone numbers (if any). Get witnesses statements in writing, including date, time and place.

• Get business name, address and phone numbers as well as name and phone numbers of supervisors

• Log damages to vehicles, property and persons.

• Log date, time, place, road conditions, visibility, and a detailed explanation of what happened.

• If a camera is available, get all the supporting evidence pictures that are practical.

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