Thanks Mom!

by Elise

We all remember how we found SBI!. Here is my story.

I actually found SBI through my mother! She signed up about six months before me.

Mum was on an SBI! site about coffee beans back in November 2010 and the site had a link to SBI! Probably a pillar affiliate link or something.

I obviously thought straight away 'scam'. Mum insisted and I still said 'scam'. She bought it anyway... 'scam'.

I was kind of annoyed at her for doing that but hey I got over it right!

So the months went on and mum was going through the days of the AG, which was absolutely foreign to me! I didn't understand and I didn't want to.

Then mum finished her JOB after 16+ years and said she would rely solely on this website and that FREAKED ME OUT. I was scared for her. Maybe even myself? It took a while to get over it but all through that time Mum had kept talking up SBI! to me and slowly (but surely) she was started to persuade me over to her side of things.

I was working in a bridal boutique at the time and I was talking about how much I loved the job and meeting the different types of brides. Mum carried on saying how I should create my own website about wedding dresses to share with the world, she'd even pay for it! (How rare is that for a mother to say????)

Bit by bit I was getting more and more inspired by mum until finally I caved and registered!

That was five months ago! Now I have my fabulous site Bridal Dresses and I'm working away at it every day and I'm just loving it!

It's so great to have a hobby that I love doing. I actually missed having hobbies (obsessions)!

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Sep 17, 2015
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