New Free Money Making Ideas

by Marianna H.
(Virginia, USA)

I had plans to make my own website of free money making ideas. But I see that your Center for Money Making Ideas is addressing this niche quite well already. So here is my list of new free money making ideas. I trust that your visitors will be able to use these ideas for making money to "brainstorm their own money making ideas".

You may already have some of these ideas for making money. But I am giving you these money making ideas free, so you can do your own homework to cull out any duplicates. I hope that you can find many new money making ideas in this list.

Marianna H.

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Yoga Instructor

Zoo Employee

Amusement Part/Theme Park Employee, Disney World, Disneyland, Wally Park

Fast Food Worker

Food Chain Market Employee

Department Store Employee

Resort Employee

Window Tinting Service

Retail Salesperson

River Rafting Guide

Mountain Climbing Instructor

Outdoor Sports Instructor


Ski Resort Employee

Garden Sitter

Wine Taster

Apply cruise lines, hotels, restaurants,

Camp Counselor

National Park Employee



Fire Extinguisher Service

Answering Service

Arts and Crafts

Auto Detailing

Barber Service

Hair Stylist

Bicycle Repair

Boat Maintenance

Business consultant

Event Stand Vendor

Event Stand Attendant



Child Care

Chimney Sweeper

Amusement Park Employee

Greenhouse Employee


Errand Service Provider

Ready Made Meals Delivery

Home Foreclosure Clean up

Genealogy Researcher

Swap Meet Vendor (Some supplies from garage sales)

Movie Theater Employee

Department Store Employee…Sears,

Tupperware Sales

Tupperware Sales Manager

Ice Cream Parlor Employee

Laundromat Attendant

Movie Theater Ticket Agent

Amusement and Theme Park Employee

Casino and Gaming Employee

Archery Instruction Classes

Archery Camp Employee

Travel Show/Mobile Talent Show Provider

Fitness Therapy Center

Collect Recipes/ Publish a Recipe Book

Maid and Butler Referral Service

Create an Academy for Drawing

Movie Theater Employee

Fish Farm Business

Fishery Employee

Nursery Employee

Bee Keeper

Maid Services Provider

Butler Services Provider

Grandma’s Bakery Employee

New Reality Show Creator


Barber Shop Employee

Broker Services

Broker Services Employee

Deli Sandwich Shop Worker

Babysitting Services

Manage Babysitters Referral Service (Website)


Bar Employee

Shuttle Services to Theme Parks

Theme Park Employee

Shuttle Driver

Shuttle Drivers Assistant

Shuttle Services to Parks and Recreation Centers

Shuttle Services from Assisted Living to…

Assisted Living Employee

Bail Bonds Services

Bail Bonds Services Employee

Blacksmith Services

Blacksmith Services Employee

Health and Beauty Salon Consultant

Health and Beauty Salon Employee

Building and Remodeling Contracting Services

Building and Remodeling Services Employee

Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeepers Assistant

Booking Keeping Services Employee

Data Entry Assistant

Data Entry Specialists Services

Data Entry Services Employee

Wedding Planning, Set-up and Clean-up Services

Wedding Planners Assistant

Wedding Planning Services Employee

Pre-Screened Security Personnel Referral Service (Website)

Security Officer

Home Security Systems Installation and Monitoring Services

Home Security Systems Installation and Monitoring Services Employee

Mobile Security Services

Mobile Security Services Assistant

Mobile Security Services Employee

Commercial Security Systems Installation and Monitoring Services

Commercial Security Systems Installation and Monitoring Services Employee

Bowling Alley Employee

Yacht Sales and Services Employee

Airport Shuttle Service

Airport Shuttle Service Employee

Brush Removal Service

Brush Removal Service Assistant

Balloon Flight School Provider

Balloon Flight School Employee

Business Card Design and Printing Services

Printing Services Employee

Behavioral Intervention Consultation Services

Behavioral Intervention Consultation Services Employee

Bicycle Sales and Repair Employee

Bicycle Repairperson

Babysitter Referral Services (Website)

Babysitter Referral Services Employee

Personal Body Guard Referral Service

Personal Body Guard

Personal Body Guard Assistant

Blimp Pilot School Services Provider

Blimp School Services Employee

Courier Services Employee

Ballerina Instruction and Training

Ballerina Entertainment Services Provider

Ballerinas Instructor’s Assistant

Ballerinas Entertainment Services Employee

Culinary Arts Training Academy Employee

Building Foundation Engineering, Construction and Repair Contracting Services

Building Contractor’s Helper

Culinary Arts Training Academy Head Chief

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