by Leonardo Calvo

Hello there!

I hope this email finds you well. This is Leonardo from, I noticed that you have lots of useful resources on your website, so I'm writing to inquire about the possibility of adding our link to the list. Here's a bit more info about neuvoo for you to review! is a free job search engine that indexes jobs directly for free from companies' career websites, placement agencies and job boards. We centralize all jobs available on the web to help people find new career opportunities, so we are much like the Google for jobs.

We offer over 3 million jobs in all of the US. The list of jobs is always being updated. You can also search using specific regions, cities, states, industries, etc., and find all relevant jobs.

I saw that on your website, you have a page with job search links: I would love to have listed here as well, so that we can help your community and site visitors find careers for free.

Please feel free to contact me if you need anything, and please let me know when you include neuvoo. Thank you in advance for your help!

Have a nice day and looking forward to hearing from you soon!
Warm regards,

Leonardo Calvo
Marketing Agent


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