"Immigration Reform"

The cost of illegal immigration that you see now will be nothing like what you will be seeing once the "new" "immigration reform" bill is past.

This administration does follow current immigration laws. Do you think that passing "immigration reform" is going to make any difference. All this administration will do is follow the parts of the immigration reform laws that suits their agenda and ignore the rest like they have always done.

The democrat agenda is only to buy democrat votes. It is not to do what is best for the country.

Have you heard ANY talk about fast tracking applications of immigrants that have been trying to immigrant to the US LEGALLY?

No, it is all about accelerating the same policies that created the illegal immigration situation in the first place. Did granting amnesty in 1986 fix the illegal immigration problem? Did we fix the border that was a part of the 1986 immigration reform?

Did they make it easier for LEGAL immigration?

Illegal immigration is rewarded and legal immigration is punished. And then the "Left" and their "main stream media" accuse the Republicans of being "anti-immigrant" for wanting our society to be governed by the laws of the land.

As you say in your website, it IS NOT THE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS FAULT that they seek a better life for themselves and their family!!! It is the corrupt politicians that seek power by using these people as political pawns THAT NEED TO BE HELD ACOUNTABLE!!!

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