Giving Away Free Prescription Discount Cards

by Roxanne

The best business opportunity for all the right reasons:

• Low start up $150
• No monthly fees with Basic Membership
• Unlimited market potential because everyone needs it

FreeRxPlus is a referral based marketing company located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This exciting new opportunity puts together incredible products, in conjunction with one of the most unique income opportunities available today.

Our vision is to help as many people as we can. "If you give people what they want and need, you will always have what you want and need." People need our help today.

In this struggling economy, with millions unemployed and uninsured...they need our help! Our Opportunity was created by a former Inc 500 Executive working in the healthcare industry for over 30 years. Our Proprietary systems provide insurance level discounts for Pharmacy, Labs and imaging tests. We provide this all for Free! Imagine giving away a benefit savings card that will save up to 75% off the retail cost for medications, lab and imaging tests. Each time one of your cards is used, you will receive income for helping that person! What could be catches, no gimmicks. It works and has been working for over 10 years! Program was to create a product offering never before seen in the direct sales industry - a product that is absolutely 100% free to our customers! This product, combined with our simple yet lucrative compensation plan, has created an opportunity where everyone can choose their level of success

Our FREE Product - the FreeRxPlus Card

Each year Americans spend over $200 Billion dollars on prescription drugs and the numbers only continue to rise. Unfortunately, nearly 90 Million people are underinsured or have no healthcare benefits to assist them with their share of this enormous cost. Our program responds to the growing needs in this country. We make prescription drug costs, lab tests and x-rays more affordable for every person we touch, with our FREE card. This very unique program is absolutely free to everyone and provides savings of up to 75% on thousands of prescription drugs at over 56,000 pharmacies, 7,500 lab and imaging tests facilities across the country.

The FreeRxPlus Prescription Drug Program allows you, your family and your friends to easily save money on prescription drugs. This is not insurance; it’s a way for you to receive significant discounts on prescription drugs at most pharmacies. You can now save up to 70% off prescription drugs at participating pharmacies nationwide, and even more through our mail order program.

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Oct 15, 2015
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Aug 03, 2015
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Jun 22, 2015
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