Free Career Ideas for Center for Money Making Ideas

by Cassandra
(New York, NY)

I like your idea for your Center for Money Making Ideas website. I like the community service idea of free money making ideas. It is hard to find this many free money making ideas in one place. The most I could find was 50 sum ideas on one website. It looks like you have at least a thousand or more.

I see career change ideas is a big part of your website. I have a few career ideas of my own to submit. It was hard not to duplicate other submissions of career ideas.

Here is my list of career ideas:

 Careers in Education

 Careers in Information Technology

 Careers in Sports

 Careers in Law Enforcement

 Careers in Writing

 Careers in Archeology

 Careers in Public Relations

 Careers in Technology

 Careers in Travel

 Careers in Biotechnology

 Careers in Architecture

 Career in Physical Therapy

 Career in Health Education

 Careers in the Medical Field

 Career in Elementary Education

 Careers in Banking

 Career in Public Health

 Career in Risk Management

 Careers in Diving

 Career in Alternative Medicine

 Career in Special Education

 Career Research in Photography

 Career in Physical Education

 Career in Medical Billing

 Careers in Sports Management

 Careers in Radiology

 Careers in Medical Coding

 Career in Graphic Design

 Career in Radiology

 Careers in Photography

 Career in Logistics

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