Disc Jockey Services Website

by Tom
(Los Angeles)

Here is a free money making idea for your website that I have been thinking about doing for a long time. It looks like I do not have the time or skills right now to develop my idea. So I am submitting my idea to your “Center for Free Money Making Ideas” website for someone else to run with it.

I love your free altruistic website concept of people helping people. I can see that in the near future your website is going to be the “Go To” website for money making ideas. Keep up the good work.


My idea is to create a Disc Jockey Services Website. This website would provide the service of a Disc Jockey Service Agency. This website would be the “Go To” source to find proven Professional DJ entertainment services by City and State. This website would be a total DJ Services entertainment website. It would provide services like: wedding entertainment DJ services; black tie DJ entertainment services; club entertainment DJ services; Corporate DJ entertainment services and private DJ party entertainment services.

This website would offer a match making service of Disc Jockeys and potential Clients.

Disc Jockeys could register with the website to be on a list of registered DJs. The DJs would be registered according to music specialty, by venue preference (weddings, birthdays, clubs, corporate, etc.) and by City and by State. It would be a way for Disc Jockeys to get FREE promotion. Reviews could be posted for others to see. So there would be a real incentive to provide real professional disc jockey service. Too many bad reviews would get a Disc Jockey removed from the list.

This Disc Jockey Services website would provide a section where potential clients could post their needs and wants with contact information so that Disc Jockeys could offer their services and bid for the contract.

This website could sell products for Disc Jockey training and recommend apprenticeship services; recommend Disc Jockey equipment; link Disc Jockey Music Downloads.

This Disc Jockey Services website could provide articles on becoming a Disc Jockey, Disc Jockey experiences, dos and don’ts and how to promote your DJ business. This website could provide articles on Disc Jockey business plans. This website could be an open venue for others to submit relevant Disc Jockey articles.

So how would this Disc Jockey services website make money? Once it is the “Go To” place for Disc Jockey services, there would be no shortage of would-be advertisers for this website. This website could sell DJ software, DJ quality speakers and DJ lighting equipment. This website could also be an affiliate marketer for other DJ equipment and earn commissions on sales. This website could also sell DJ training materials. This website could sell Disc Jockey business cards. This website could charge for regularly scheduled Q and A webinars on being a DJ and on Disc Jockey services.


That is my free money making idea to your website. I hope my money making idea is a worthy contribution to your website.

I wish you much success!


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Nov 10, 2015
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Oct 31, 2015
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Oct 30, 2015
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Aug 27, 2015
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by: Garcia

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Jun 23, 2015
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by: Mr. Halie Christiansen

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May 18, 2013
Service for Disc Jockey Apprenticeships
by: Albert

I would love to break into the business of being a Disc Jockey. I feel that I could be a GREAT Disc Jockey because I really know my music and I love conversing with other people.

All I need is someone to apprenticeship with. It is not easy to find someone that is willing to train their competition. I know there is plenty of demand for good Disc Jockeys. So I really wouldn't be that much competition.

So if there is a section on this website proposed by Tom, on Disc Jockeys that are willing to train/apprenticeship up-and-coming Disc Jockeys for a nominal fee, that would be a good service for people like myself.

Just a thought,

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